Our Culture

Boutique Law Firm on the Central Coast, specialising in Family Law

A CopperTree family lawyer delivers traditional customer service. We are proactive, keeping in touch with you throughout the process and focusing on what matters to you.

Committed to Service and Excellence

Cheryl Edwards, founder and Company Principal of CopperTree Family Law, recognised the need for a specialist family law firm on the Central Coast Family Law that puts service and excellence at the top of the list. Cheryl’s life experience and many years of working as a family lawyer mean that she understands the complexities that surround property settlement and parenting matters. But many good lawyers do not communicate well with clients, adding to the stress of the process. This is where CopperTree Family Law raises the bar – excellence in the law and excellence in communication.

Core Values

Working Together

Together with you, our family lawyers work on achieving the best family law outcome for you. The aim is to be mindful of every dollar you are spending on the legal process and to not waste money that can be used for your future. All parties can benefit from considering the court’s likely position should a matter escalate to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. At CopperTree Family Law, we protect and advocate for your interests at all times, while advising you of the legal framework under which your needs will be considered.