Following a breakdown of a relationship, you will need to decide how assets will be divided. We will help you understand what you are entitled to and ways to formalise the Financial and Property agreement reached.

CopperTree Family Law provides specialised financial settlement solutions. Our team of professionals offer expert advice and support to help you handle financial issues safely. Trust us to protect your interests while delivering favourable outcomes for your financial arrangements.

Although usually referred to as a ‘property settlement’, the term property includes all assets owned by the parties. By way of example, this includes:

  • The Family home
  • Any Investment properties
  • Bank and Savings accounts
  • Shares
  • Business Interests
  • Trust Interests
  • Superannuation

A property settlement might also be referred to as a ‘separation agreement,’ ‘financial settlement’ or ‘divorce settlement.’

At CopperTree Family Law, we often hear the story of the partner who insisted everything would be fair; there would be no property dispute, and no lawyers needed to be involved. If you and your former partner can agree on the property settlement, that is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way forward. However, if not formalised, it will not be legally binding. Sadly, former partners may find themselves in changed circumstances and try to vary your informal divorce or separation agreement.

Prior to any property settlement spousal maintenance may be appropriate.

There may also be circumstances where sole occupation of the  former matrimonial home is required

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Consent Orders for Mutual Agreements

An inexpensive way to protect yourself is to have Consent Orders drawn up that formalises your mutual property settlement. That way, your future is more secure, and you can enjoy the money you have worked so hard for, rather than paying additional legal and court fees. With few exceptions, Consent Orders are legally binding on the parties, as a result, reducing any future legal expenses.
Consent Orders are legally binding on the parties, as a result, reducing any future legal expenses. Formalising your property settlement through local CopperTree family lawyers can save you significant time, money and stress. Consent Orders can be set aside in limited circumstances, Ask us how.


If you encounter difficulties reaching a financial settlement with your former partner, mediation services may assist you. We can provide a list of mediators on the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle can advise you on what you are likely entitled to. Once you have agreed on a way forward, we can assist formalise your financial settlement.

Property Dispute

If you are unable to reach an agreement, our family lawyers will help you decide upon the best strategy for meeting your needs. We will negotiate with the other party to achieve a favourable settlement for you, taking into account the realistic prospects at court. Australian law has a no-fault approach to divorce, and the courts look to arrive at a ‘just and equitable’ division of property. However, we will try to reach an agreement with the other party without applying for court intervention, as it keeps your costs down and brings about a much sooner resolution.

Personal Attention

CopperTree Family Law, located in Erina, serves clients in Gosford, Erina, Terrigal, Wamberal, Avoca, and Copacabana, as well as the wider Central Coast region, providing the personal attention they deserve. We acknowledge the challenges and emotions that come with such legal matters and assure you that your case will never be treated as just another property dispute. Our proactive approach involves maintaining regular communication with you throughout the process and focusing on your priorities. Contact CopperTree Family Law to determine the best initial step for your property settlement. Consent orders, which are legally binding, can reduce future legal expenses. Formalising your property settlement through local family lawyers can save you time, money, and stress. If you have any questions about consent orders or their potential limitations, please don't hesitate to ask us.