45ᵗʰ Family Court anniversary

2021 saw the 45th anniversary of the Family Court, a speciality Court dispensing justice upon the breakdown of relationships via the Family Law Act. 

Prior to that we had the Matrimonial Causes Act administered by State based courts, which in relation to divorce provided 14 grounds for divorce and they included adultery, cruelty, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment and insanity. Today, we have a no fault system, which has effectively dealt with the necessity to prove one of the 14 grounds.  A matter which would have put a lot of private investigators out of work.

Fast forward to 1 September 2021, the family law system has again undergone significant change with the amalgamation of the Federal Circuit and Family Courts and the introduction of new rules encompassing this Court.  This new Court and its rules has a focus on transparency and access to justice in a quick and cost effective manner. With funding for the appointment of new Registrars with varying powers, there is hope that families can reach a resolution sooner rather than later, moving on with living their best life.